• Group vision

    Group vision: to become a leading and internationally renowned comprehensive modern agricultural industry group, a comprehensive modern agricultural industry group, is the development orientation of the agricultural development group. Modern agriculture is the foundation for the healthy development of the national economy and the guarantee of people's happy life. In national strategy and agricultural policy.

  • Guiding principles and basic principles for future development of X电竞 Development Group

    Guiding ideology: l guided by the spirit of the eighteen, third and fourth plenary session of the eighteen Central Committee of the party, conscientiously implement the municipal Party committee's work plan for comprehensively deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises and state-owned assets management system, focusing on the overall requirements of promoting the construction of modern agriculture; l whole.

  • Group mission

    The mission of the group is to let safe and safe high-quality agricultural products enter thousands of households. The agricultural development group is committed to improving the level of modern agricultural development in our country. Through the construction of first class scientific research technology, complete industrial system and efficient operation and management, China's modern agriculture will be promoted to high standards, high quality and safety.