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New East Street Cangwu community sends banner and thank-you letter to colleges and universities.

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Five month Six On the afternoon of the afternoon, the Cangwu community of the new East Street sent a banner and a sincere letter of gratitude to the volunteers in the College District.

In the most serious situation of epidemic prevention and control, colleges and districts responded positively to the group and The City Federation of trade unions called for the deployment of "good troops and strong forces" in the area of epidemic prevention and control. In the process of voluntary service, the district staff have implemented the "four packages and one" management system, and actively publicized the epidemic prevention measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently and ventilating the community residents, and conscientiously doing well the work of personnel investigation and credit card duty in the service area, and guided the actual action to guide the residents in the Cangwu community to do the epidemic prevention measures well so as to create a good atmosphere for community prevention.

Song Di, chairman of the academy area, expressed his gratitude to the staff of the Cangwu community on behalf of all the staff in the area, and said that the "joint defense and joint control and group prevention and group control" have been firmly promoted and the responsibilities and responsibilities of the state-owned enterprises have been demonstrated. In the future production and operation, the colleges and districts will continue to exert their strength to contribute to the maintenance of social harmony and stability.

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(correspondent: Zhou Chen, Audit: Song Di, editor: Zhang Jing)