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Shao Zeyong promotes the construction of key projects at the scene

Release time: 2020-05-06 Source:X电竞 X电竞 Development Group Number of readings: 778

Five month Six On the 20th, Shao Zeyong, deputy secretary of the Party committee, vice chairman and general manager, led the team to the Phoenix Century City and revitalizing the comprehensive service center to promote the construction of key projects at the scene. Group leader Chen Shibin attended Activities.

Shao Zeyong and his party came to the construction site of Century Phoenix and revitalization integrated service center to check the scene of the Century Phoenix high rise area, the revitalization of the integrated service center project meeting center, the equipment room, the new parking lot, and the upgrading of the old office area environment. He urged that we should seize the golden age of construction, reverse the construction period, scientifically dispatch, accelerate the construction of every link of the project, ensure the early completion of the delivery, and urge the responsible person of the project site to guard the red line of safety construction, strengthen safety measures, strengthen site safety management, ensure construction safety and engineering quality, and ensure the completion of quality engineering, safety engineering and safety engineering.



(correspondent: Ge Chao Jun, verification: Jiang Wen Editor: Li Xiang )