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City X电竞 Development Group held a conference on Party Building

Release time: 2020-04-30 Source:X电竞 X电竞 Development Group Number of readings: 625

Four On the morning of 30 February, the city agricultural development group held the 2020 party building work conference, implemented the work conference of the municipal Party committees and the overall spirit of the provincial party system strictly administering the party meeting, summed up the work of last year, analyzed the current situation, and deployed this year's task. Shao Zeyong, deputy secretary of the Party committee, vice chairman and general manager, attended the meeting. He stressed that we should unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, tackle tough problems and do solid work, and accomplish all tasks of Party building in a high quality. We should transform the achievements of Party building into a strong driving force for vigorous development, and provide a strong guarantee for accelerating the transformation and development of the group and helping the decisive battle in the city to win the "high quality development and the first come". Gu Jianglin, deputy secretary of the Party committee, chaired the meeting. Party committee member Zhang Liulin, Chao Xiang Kun, Li Anfu, Jiang Yuli and Chen Shibin attended the meeting.


Shao Zeyong pointed out that in the past year, the Party committee of the party has insisted on grasping the party's construction as the biggest achievement, focusing on serving the city's "high quality development, first come, first come" work and the reform and development task of the party, promoting the standardization and brand building of the party building, consolidating the grass-roots foundation and stimulating the vitality of the work, thus providing a strong political guarantee for the implementation of the industrial transformation task and the full completion of the annual goal.

Shao Zeyong stressed that guided by Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, guided by political construction, taking the activities of "five highlights and five promotion" as the carrier, and taking the standardized construction of grass-roots branches as the starting point, we should comprehensively promote the party's ideology, organization, style of work, discipline inspection and system construction, constantly enhance the combat effectiveness of grass-roots party organizations, and lead high-quality development with high-quality party building. To provide a strong guarantee for the city to achieve the goal of "high quality development and first come first served".


We must do a good job in Party building this year. Shao Zeyong has asked for all-round strengthening of the party's political construction. We should continue to craze for learning, publicizing and implementing new ideas, and ensure that new party members and cadres are always armed with new ideas. Strict political discipline and political rules, and resolutely "two maintenance" to ensure that the central and provincial municipal Party committees make decisions in the group's decrees unimpeded. We must strictly implement the responsibility system of ideological work and build up the main position of ideological work. We should promote the standardized construction of grassroots branches. According to the construction plan, we should implement the requirements of organization, team, activity, system, guarantee and ledger, highlight the key points, overcome difficulties, and comprehensively improve the level of standardization construction of grassroots branches. We will carry out the activities of "five highlights and five improvements", focusing on the grass-roots foundation, strengthening the organization, strengthening the party spirit, strengthening the ranks, strengthening the brand and driving force, so as to improve the quality of Party building at the grass-roots level. We must uphold the party's management of cadres and the party's management of qualified personnel. The two teams of "middle level cadres" and "professional and technical personnel" should be set up to provide strong personnel support for the transformation and development of the group. Strengthening the awareness of "grasping young cadres is to grasp core competitiveness", and vigorously finding and training excellent young cadres. We should implement the "three mechanisms" and encourage cadres to act. Efforts should be made to promote the building of a clean and honest government. We must accurately grasp the new situation, new tasks and new requirements of comprehensively managing the party strictly, transmit the pressure of responsibility, and promote the implementation of the "two responsibilities". We should strengthen the risk prevention and control of corruption and build a clean state enterprise. It is necessary to compress the responsibility of rectification inspection. We should strengthen political responsibility, do a good job of rectification, draw inferences and draw lessons from each other, and promote the establishment of a legislative system. We should conscientiously strengthen leadership in Party building. Closely related to the key tasks of Party building in state-owned enterprises, promoting the advantages of Party building into development advantages, and transforming party building kinetic energy into development kinetic energy and core competitiveness. We should conscientiously carry out the main responsibilities of Party organizations at all grass-roots party organizations and the responsibilities of the "first responsible person" of the branch secretaries, and firmly grasp the "Secretary project". The Party committee is responsible for the leadership of the party in fulfilling its responsibilities of "one post and two responsibilities" for the units, departments and departments concerned, and strengthens supervision and guidance, and promotes the implementation of responsibilities and implementation of the work. Taking party work posts as an important platform for training enterprises' compound talents, we should select the best and strengthen the party building strength.



At the meeting, Zhang Liulin, member of the Party committee and deputy general manager of the group, read the commendation decision and held the awarding ceremony. The Party committee member and the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee Chao Xiangkun conveyed the spirit of the twelve plenary session of the five Municipal Committee of discipline inspection of the whole province's state-owned assets system, and summarized the deployment of discipline inspection and supervision. At the meeting, the group Party committee also issued the key points of Party building work in 2020.

The secretaries, deputy secretaries, members of the party organizations and cadres of the party organizations, the main comrades in charge of various units and various departments of the headquarters, and the principal comrades in charge of the departments in the Discipline Inspection Committee of the group attended more than 70 people.


  (correspondent: Fu Sheng Xi, audit: Fu Sheng Xi, editor: Zhang Jing)