Notice of publicity

Announcement of inviting public service center for kitchenware procurement

Release time: 2020-04-26 Source:X电竞 X电竞 Development Group Number of readings: 618

1. tender conditions

This tender item Revitalize the integrated service center kitchen utensils procurement The name of the project has been approved for construction, and the tenderee (project owner) is Lianyungang X电竞 Development Group Co., Ltd. Construction funds: Have been implemented The project has tender conditions and is now open for public bidding.

2. project overview and scope of tendering

Two One Project Name: Revitalize the integrated service center kitchen utensils procurement

Two Two project Location: Revitalize the integrated service centre

Two Three Scope of tender: Kitchen utensils The purchase, supply, freight, installation, commissioning, acceptance, inspection and evidence collection, repair, distribution and replacement services during the quality warranty period (including equipment and material costs, auxiliary materials, unloading charges, two handling charges, installation fees, commissioning fees, water, electricity, taxes and fees, and all fees collected through local inspection fees).

2.4 delivery period: 25 days.

Two Five Quality standard and grade : The implementation of the current national standard is qualified.

  1. Qualification Requirements For Bidder

    3.1, bidders must be registered in accordance with the law and have an independent legal person qualification. The scope of business license includes the contents of the tender procurement scope, and must be the manufacturer of kitchen equipment.

    3.2. Bidders must provide copies of business license, tax registration certificate and organization code certificate when participating in the tender.

    3.3. Bidders possess and provide the national production license for industrial products (electric heating food processing equipment).

    3.4. Bidder owns and provides hygienic license for disinfection product manufacturer.

    3.5. This project does not allow consortium to participate in bidding.

    Four Bidding application and obtaining bidding documents :

Each bidder must be the legal representative or his authorized person. Please be in charge of 2020 04 Twenty-six Solstice 2020 04 Thirty Daily morning 9 hours 00 minutes to 11:30, 14:30 p.m. Divided into Seventeen Time 00 Points, Bring the unit's letter of introduction or authorization, copy of the business license. National production permit for industrial products , Hygienic license for disinfection product manufacturers , Above information when signing up Original and Photocopy with official seal reach Renmin East Road, Lianyungang No. 139 people's home, Haizhou venture dream factory 1# building 3 unit 16 floor (Jiangsu Zhong run Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.) Sign up and purchase tender documents. Cost of tender documents Five 00 yuan.

Note: The above registration information is successful. Copy It will not be returned without any refund.

  1. This announcement provides statutory media.

    This announcement is issued in China's public bidding platform for tendering and bidding.

    Six Contact information.

    Agency: Jiangsu China Resources Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

    Address of the agency: Renmin East Road, Lianyungang One hundred and thirty-nine Haizhou people's home dream factory 1# floor Three unit Sixteen floor

    Agent zip code: Two hundred and twenty-two thousand

    Agent contact: He Gong

    Agent telephone number: 0518-85450099