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City X电竞 Development Group held a special party committee

Release time: 2020-04-26 Source:X电竞 X电竞 Development Group Number of readings: 524

Four month Twenty-six On the morning of the morning, Shao Zeyong, deputy secretary, vice chairman and general manager of the municipal Party committee of the agricultural development group chaired the Party committee to study the work of Party building. Gu Jianglin, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Zhang Liulin, Party committee member, Li Anfu, Zhang Mingcai, Jiang Yuli and Shi Bin Chen attended the meeting. The group office, party and group work department responsible comrades attended the meeting.

The meeting considered and adopted the Party committee of the group. Two thousand and twenty Papers on the key points of Party building in the year Two thousand and nineteen The annual outstanding grassroots party building "Secretary project", the selection of advanced grass-roots party organizations and other matters.

Shao Zeyong emphasized that the Party Committee attached great importance to the work of Party building. Last year, we made great efforts in the standardization of Party branches and the cultivation of branch characteristics, and achieved some positive results. We should continue to increase the standardization of Party branches and focus on the short board. We should focus on production and operation, look for breakthroughs and fit points, dig deep branch characteristics, promote group brand construction in an orderly way, accelerate the cultivation of a number of grass-roots party building demonstration points, expand the influence of Party building, and improve the quality and level of Party building.

At the meeting, we also made specific arrangements for the group work conference.


  (correspondent: Fu Sheng Xi, audit: Fu Sheng Xi, editor: Zhang Jing)