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Group held the first quarter of 2020 to promote key work.

Release time: 2020-04-24 Source:X电竞 X电竞 Development Group Number of readings: 1049

Four month Twenty-four On the morning of the morning, the group convened Two thousand and twenty In the first quarter of this year, the key work will be promoted to analyze the economic operation and key work promotion, and deploy the next key tasks. Shao Zeyong, deputy secretary of the Party committee, vice chairman and general manager, attended the meeting and stressed that the group should continue to implement the municipal Party committee and municipal government. " Eight decisive battles " Decision deployment " Benchmarking decisive battle, cohesion six breakthrough " The theme of the year is to fight for time, make progress and protect targets, and strive for more than half of the sprint time and over half of the tasks, so as to win the double victory of epidemic prevention and control and economic development. Group leader Zhang Liulin, Chao Xiang Kun, Li Anfu, Zhang Mingcai, Gu Jianglin, Jiang Yuli and Chen Shibin attended the meeting. Wei Hong, vice general manager of the group, chaired the meeting.


Shao Zeyong pointed out that since the beginning of this year, the group has conscientiously implemented the decision making and deployment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, and has closely carried out epidemic prevention and control, strives to promote the industrial transformation, fully promotes the project landing, and the resumption of work and production is gradually approaching or reaching the normal level. Some work has achieved positive results in the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. Project promotion presents gratifying changes.


Shao Zeyong stressed that all units and departments should follow " Scramble for time, progress and goals " The general requirements of the company should enhance the sense of urgency and sense of responsibility, seize the opportune moment, improve efficiency and speed up the progress of the work. We must seize the momentum of "grabbing". Group leaders and Party members and cadres should take the lead and walk ahead, and lead all the staff to boost their mental state, and get them together. We should focus our attention on index scheduling, project construction and difficult problems. We should pay close attention to the operation of various indicators and promote the recovery of indicators, project breakthroughs and difficult problems. Each key project responsibility unit should refine the annual target, push the time schedule, adjust the plan appropriately, and improve the operation efficiency. To make progress, we should open up the path of "supplement". Group level and ownership enterprises should release benefits according to the projects on the ground, increase profits in external cooperation, reserve new energy reserves on the new projects, strive for better policies, and tap potential and increase efficiency in existing industries. " Five pieces " Work ideas, speed up the gaps in indicators, and strive to hedge the impact of the epidemic. The goal is to maintain the effectiveness of "guarantee". All units and departments should further self pressurize according to the requirements of the same goal, keep the standards unchanged, and reduce the intensity.


In order to co-ordinate the current work, Shao Zeyong urged that we should effectively improve the political standing, keep a clear head, enhance the sense of hardship, strengthen the bottom line thinking, and strictly carry out the work of epidemic prevention and control. We must conscientiously implement the requirements of the state, the provinces and municipalities on the work safety, carry out the special rectification and inspection supervision activities of production safety, do a good job in the rectification of problems, firmly abide by the red line of the bottom line of production safety, and ensure the continuous and stable production safety situation. We should strictly implement the responsibility system of letters and visits, and strive to solve the problem at the grass-roots level, reduce the number of letters and visits, and effectively safeguard the overall situation of harmony and stability. It is necessary to consolidate the responsibility of inspection and rectification, and to promote the sound development of the problems that have been completed and rectification from the aspects of foundation, mechanism and system, so as to ensure both the root cause and the root cause. To solve the problems that have not yet been completed, we need to dig deeper into the lesions, make precise decisions and make efforts to solve them, so as to promote the enterprises to take a new look. Efforts should be made to push forward Chuangwen Chuangwei's work, set the standard of national standards one by one, comprehensively and meticulously prepare for trial preparation, focus on short boards and concentrate efforts to prevent problems. " Rebound and resurgence " Ensure implementation " The group will not lose points and strive for extra points. " Goals.

The conference conveyed the spirit of the recent series of important meetings of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. It also informed and deployed the work of safety production, creation of stationery, inspection and inspection, rectification of letters and visits, and promotion of key projects. The relevant units and departments made an exchange statement. The meeting was also issued. Two thousand and twenty Annual assessment indicators.


(correspondent: Zhang Jing, audit: Li Xiang, editor: Jiang Wen)