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Mayor Fang Wei research group Xinhai grain depot

Release time: 2020-04-15 Source:X电竞 X电竞 Development Group Number of readings: 1342

Four On the morning of 14 February, mayor Fang Wei went to the Xinhai grain depot of the group to investigate the grain reserves. The group leader was accompanied by Shao Zeyong and Wei Hong.


After checking the grain reserves in the field, Fang Wei and the head of the grain depot exchange the epidemic prevention and control, purchase and storage, sales and operation, and listen to the opinions and suggestions on the development of grain depot. Knowing that grain storage is abundant and market supply and demand is stable, Fang Wei, on the basis of grasping the epidemic prevention and control, strengthens the responsibility and takes the initiative to give full recognition to the grain safety responsibility of the whole city. He pointed out that with the accelerated spread of the international epidemic situation, the international circulation of grain and other agricultural products has been affected. We must plan ahead and tackle difficulties effectively, resolutely eliminate the adverse effects brought by the epidemic prevention and control, and ensure the balance of grain production and reserve circulation and ensure national food security.


Fang Wei stressed that we should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the general secretary Xi Jinping's speech on the grain work at the Standing Committee meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC. We should firmly establish the overall situation and bottom line thinking in accordance with the relevant national and provincial and municipal work arrangements, grasp the actual situation of agricultural production, scientifically regulate and control the supply of grain, and do everything possible to ensure food security. It is necessary to accurately predict grain production, lay down the market circulation situation, inventory inventory accurately, improve grain rotation efficiency, achieve the full harvest of summer grain, and enhance the grain market macro-control ability. We should conscientiously grasp the management of reserve grain, improve the efficient management mechanism, enhance the level of information management, and strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, so as to ensure the safety of grain depots. We should further emancipate our minds, use existing platforms to carry out various reserves, and continuously enhance operational efficiency. All localities should fulfill their territorial responsibilities and make every effort to do a good job in grain production and circulation. Relevant departments should strengthen business guidance and consolidate the strong efforts to ensure food security.

( Source:X电竞 Lianyungang daily, audit: Wan Yi, editor: Li Xiang )