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Shao Zeyong presided over a forum on rent reduction during the epidemic

Release time: 2020-04-09 Source:X电竞 X电竞 Development Group Number of readings: 1077

Four month Nine On the morning of the morning, Shao Zeyong, deputy secretary of the Party committee, vice chairman and general manager, chaired a symposium on group rent reduction and relief during the epidemic period, and implemented the spirit of relevant policies and documents of the state and provinces and cities, and discussed the work of the group rent reduction and exemption. Shao Zeyong stressed that the municipal Party committee and the municipal government have clear policy documents on the reduction and rent of state-owned enterprises during the epidemic period, which is a political task and rigid requirement. The group should enhance political standing, unite their minds, act in a unified way, resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, strictly implement the relevant requirements of the municipal SASAC, earnestly carry out the work well, and do good deeds with the group. Families will tide over difficulties and jointly uphold the overall situation of economic development and social stability. Group leader Wei Hong and Chen Shibin attended the meeting.

After listening to relevant reports and speeches, Shao Zeyong put forward his next work. " Four strict " Requirements: first, serious policies. We must stand at the height of the prohibitions and the overall situation of the city and formulate policies that conform to the actual conditions of enterprises. " A game of chess " We must carry out the policy in a unified way, without conditions, without bargaining, and at the same time, we must do a good job in policy interpretation. The two is strict standards. In accordance with the requirements of the national policy, we should determine the applicable objects, the amount of reduction and exemption, the way of reduction and exemption, and find out the specific circumstances of the grass-roots units. We should co-ordinate the actual operational difficulties of the enterprises after the rent reduction and give specific measures to support the better operation of the ownership enterprises. The three is strict procedures. After the policy is promulgated, we must report promptly and strictly implement the internal group. " Three plus one big " Procedures to ensure compliance with the law. The four is strict discipline. At the group level, we should strengthen the unified command and leadership of the rent reduction and relief work, move ahead with the focus of work, strictly abide by the procedures of investigation, examination and approval, relief and implementation, strictly enforce the work discipline and work requirements, ensure that the implementation policy is not discounted, implement the work without lowering standards, and do a solid job in the reduction of rent.

Responsible comrades of group assets department, finance department, security department, office, etc., involving the principal persons in the ownership enterprises of the leasing industry.


(correspondent: Ge Chao Jun, verification: Li Xiang, editor: Jiang Wen)