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Ministry of agriculture and rural areas: the spring ploughing of agricultural resources has a foundation for ensuring a good harvest of summer grain.

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CCTV news (reporter Xu Hui) "spring thunder, everything is long" in March 5th is the twenty-four solar terms, the national spring ploughing and preparation has entered a key season, the State Council joint defense joint control mechanism held a news conference, introduced the opportunity to do a good job in the spring agricultural production.

   Spring sown grain has an area of about 90 thousand mu.

In March 2nd, the central leading group on coping with pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus issued the work guide for the current spring ploughing (hereinafter referred to as the guide).

Pan Wenbo, director of the Department of crop management of the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs, said that the spring sown area of grain was about 900 million mu this year, accounting for more than half of the total grain area of the whole year, and the completion of the spring sowing task on time and quality is very important for grain production throughout the whole year. The guide guides the management of wheat fields in the spring from the south to the north, the rice seedling cultivation and the field planting in the field, so as to ensure that the spring ploughing production starts well and takes the initiative to win grain harvest throughout the whole year.

Pan Wenbo disclosed that the whole year's grain consisted of summer grain, early rice and autumn grain. The main body of summer grain is winter wheat. The area is basically stable, and now the soil moisture is good. Early rice and autumn grain farmers' planting intention is also stable.

The demand for agricultural production is guaranteed.

Prior to that, the Ministry of agriculture and the Ministry of agriculture incorporated fertilizer, pesticides and other agricultural materials into the State Council's joint defense and joint control mechanism to guarantee the scope of life and materials.

Zhang Yanqiu, director of the Department of seed industry management of the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs, said that the supply of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural films all over the year exceeds 1.5 times to more than 2 times the total supply. The main problem is transportation interruption. From the current situation, the aorta is basically connected. According to the feedback from 25 provinces and more than 1500 agricultural counties, the roads in the county are 78%.

At present, the recovery rate of 362 key seed enterprises reaches 92%, and its output reaches 62%, up 10 percentage points from last week. In particular, the current recovery rate of the spring wheat and rape companies is 92%. Judging from the current situation, the demand for spring ploughing and farming is guaranteed.

For Hubei, where the epidemic is serious, a timetable has been laid out according to the priorities of farming. Zhang Yanqiu said that the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas set up a special class for agricultural insurance, and established a direct and rapid synergy mechanism. At the same time, we mobilized the 31 provinces of the whole country and set up the mechanism of ensuring the supply of agricultural materials respectively. As long as Hubei put forward demand, we mobilized the whole nation to ensure the demand for agricultural products in Hubei.

   The seed production capacity has recovered more than 80%.

Aquaculture products account for 78% of the total aquatic products in China. Therefore, it is very important for aquatic products to ensure stable production and supply of aquatic products. Zhang Xianliang, director of the fishery and Fishery Administration Bureau of the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs, said that some of the local aquatic products ponds were seriously affected by the epidemic. They will supervise and guide the various regions to carry out work in many ways. At present, the seedling production capacity has recovered more than 80%.

The Ministry of agriculture and the rural area has also made arrangements for fishing production, requiring all regions to speed up the issuance of oil price subsidy funds, and guide the crew to do well in the prevention and control of epidemic situation and the risk prevention of production safety, and to resume fishing production in an orderly way.

Zhang Xianliang pointed out that China has always attached great importance to the quality and safety supervision of aquaculture products. Sampling inspection has been carried out in more than 5000 batches every year, and relevant sampling checks have been carried out all over the country. In the past 7 years, the pass rate has been maintained at over 99%. In view of the increasing aquaculture diseases that may arise in aquaculture production in spring, the quality and safety risks of aquaculture products may be caused. The Ministry of agriculture and rural areas has taken measures to ensure that there are no major aquatic product quality safety incidents and regional major aquatic animal epidemics.

The incidence of animal epidemics dropped sharply last year.

Yang Zhenhai, director of the animal husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs, said there were 63 cases of African swine plague in the whole country last year, of which 60 were domestic pigs and 3 were wild boars. 12 cases of African swine plague occurred in the same period last year, and 1 occurred this year. After expert consultation and comprehensive evaluation, the situation of the highly pathogenic avian influenza epidemic is stable this year.

Yang Zhenhai said that from the announcement of the epidemic situation of African swine fever and avian influenza, this year's epidemic once again reminds us that the risk of major animal diseases is always there, and that prevention and control work can never be relaxed at any time.

Recently, the world food and Agriculture Organization issued the global warning of "desert locust". Relevant departments in China also issued urgent notice, and there is an invasion risk in Tibet and Yunnan. Pan Wenbo introduced the Ministry of agriculture and the Ministry of rural locust disaster prevention and control headquarters, which has been established for many years. Many experts have been organized this year to analyze the possibility of the invasion of desert locust in China and study the measures to be taken.

According to expert analysis, the probability of desert invading into China is very small due to the influence of geography and temperature. Even if the desert locust moves into our country, we will be able to deal with it.

The armyworm, Spodoptera exigua, originated in the tropics and subtropics of the Americas. It invaded China for the first time last year. After full control and control, it endangers regional control in some areas such as Yunnan and Guangxi. The actual damage area is around 2 million 400 thousand mu, and the output loss in the insect pest area is controlled within 5%.

According to Pan Wenbo, it is estimated that this year's grasslands should be larger than that of the others, and that the time to move to the North should be earlier. In accordance with the idea of "early planning, early monitoring, early preparation and early prevention", the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs has adopted a series of measures to win the battle against the grass worm.

  Cultured turtle and bullfrog, American frog can be cultured and eaten.

Zhang Xianliang introduced that, in order to further define the management of amphibians and reptiles, the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs and the state forest and grass Bureau will take the list of "artificial breeding of national key protected aquatic wildlife list", "national key protected economic water vivid plant resources list", and the new aquatic products announced by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas as the basis for division, and will be included in the above list's amphibious creeping. Animals are clearly managed by our department according to aquatic animals. That is, the two species of bullfrog, frog and frog, including the Chinese soft shelled turtle and tortoise, can be cultured and eaten.