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Jiangsu provincial SASAC deployment to promote epidemic prevention and control and business development

Release time: 2020-03-02 Source:X电竞 X电竞 Development Group Number of readings: 1302

In March 1st, the provincial SASAC held the meeting of the principal responsible persons of provincial enterprises to convey the spirit of the video dispatching meeting of the leading group of the epidemic prevention and control work in the province. Xu Guoping, director of the provincial SASAC and Secretary of the Party committee and vice minister of the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Wang Ningsheng, a provincial inspector of the SASAC, presided over the meeting and Wu Ning, a member of the Party committee, attended the meeting.

Xu Guoping pointed out that, in resolutely fighting the epidemic prevention and control, the provincial enterprises are fully providing medical and protective material resources, making every effort to provide emergency support for production, daily necessities of coal, electricity, oil, gas, grain and so on, and do their best to support the work of Wuhan, Huangshi and so on. Accumulative donations of more than 100 million yuan have played a positive role. At present, the provincial enterprise group under the supervision of the SASAC has resumed production and resumed production, and the overall recovery rate at the subsidiary level has reached 90.7%. The provincial enterprises strictly implement the responsibility of prevention and control, and do a good job in prevention and control. During the festival, 246 enterprises continued to operate and no one was infected.

Xu Guoping pointed out that while fully affirming the achievements of the previous stage, we must soberly realize that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control of provincial enterprises is still grim and complicated. At present, the epidemic prevention and control is at the most critical stage. The main responsible person of the enterprise is the first person responsible for epidemic prevention and control of the enterprise. We must be highly vigilant against paralysis, weariness, fluke and slack mentality. We must adhere to the bottom line thinking and strengthen the problem orientation, putting the risk prevention input in a more prominent position. First, we must strengthen staff health monitoring. To implement the requirements of the territorial Government, grasp the flow of employees effectively, and carry out health management in different districts and districts. Two, we must do a good job in workplace prevention and control. To strengthen the registration and management of incoming and outgoing personnel, personnel entering the office must take temperature and wear masks. Keep ventilation in the workplace and do regular disinfection and disinfection of key parts. Reduce staff gathering and collective activities as much as possible, and reduce meetings. Meetings need to be shortened and controlled. We should strengthen staff management of collective meals, perform peak meals, lunch boxes, and maintain proper eating distance. Three, we must deal with emergencies. When employees suspect suspicious symptoms, they should report for the first time and deal with them well under the guidance of professional organizations and personnel. The provincial enterprises should appoint special persons to take charge of epidemic prevention and control. The leading members of the enterprises should guide and supervise the key sub enterprises that are deeply connected with each other, and effectively build up the "iron wall" of the epidemic prevention and control of our enterprises.

Xu Guoping stressed that the new crown pneumonia epidemic will inevitably impact on the operation and development of provincial enterprises. We should change pressure into motivation and be good at turning danger into opportunity. We must stick to the same tasks and remain unchanged. We must stick to the prevention and control of epidemic situation and grasp the efforts of enterprises to resume work and resume production. First, we must fully promote the construction of major projects. For the major projects and key projects of the provincial government, such as high-speed rail, highways, airports and gas pipeline construction, we need to increase manpower, funds and other security efforts to fully promote the resumption of work and production, and speed up construction, so as to ensure the high quality of progress in order. Two, we must fully promote the resumption of production and operation. To comprehensively analyze the adverse effects of the epidemic on the development of enterprises, we should strive to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the business through internal and external support measures. Three, we must make a good job of production safety. We should fully implement the main responsibility of enterprises' safety production, push forward the special rectification of production safety, and resolutely prevent accidents arising from rush production and rush to work.

The main responsible persons of the provincial enterprises attended the meeting, and some members of the leading group of the SASAC epidemic prevention and control committee attended the meeting.