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Traffic holding group effectively implements epidemic prevention and production

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Transportation Group: "three ready" to do well in the preparation of key projects. The transportation group adheres to a project, a rehabilitation plan, coordinates the relevant departments and communities of the project location, and establishes joint defense joint control linkage mechanism. Personnel control Scheme ready The main management personnel of the project are all in place, implementing the system of "testing, checking, inquiring, nuclear" (measuring body temperature, checking the status, asking for dynamic and special person checking) of the project front-line personnel. "One person, one file" carries out the comprehensive screening and tracking management for all the personnel of the project, and formulating the work plan of the project personnel dispersing meals, feeding at the wrong time, and packing and catering, so as to avoid personnel gathering. The site control plan is ready. At the construction site, 24 hours post is set up, the construction site closed management is carried out, the functions of the residential area and isolation room are improved, and detailed ventilation and mitigation plans for construction areas, accommodation areas and canteens are formulated. According to the requirements, epidemic prevention and control materials such as masks and thermometers are stored, and the record of the epidemic prevention and control is perfected, so as to ensure that all preventive and control measures are strict and strict. The project promotion plan is ready. Further refinement of the key projects to promote the program, the development of new high-speed rail link interchange new ramp, 242 Provincial Road Chaoyang interchange, Su Xu Road and other projects to further promote plans and contingency plans, clear objectives, detailed tasks, responsibilities to people, to ensure that the commencement of the work is to sprint, and strive to work hard and keep pace.

Automobile Company: "three in place" to make preparations for re shipment. The automobile company is based on the overall situation of service, obeys the arrangement, and plans the "three in place" plan to re transport the class line vehicles. Production deployment is in place. A special class meeting will be held to formulate the work plan of sub batch and step by step. Actively communicate with the industry authorities, and report the proposal for the resumption of classes. To implement the dynamic daily system for all workers' health, carry out comprehensive inspection, disinfection and ventilation for all outage vehicles, and ensure that they are called at any time. All passenger stations will test the ticketing system ahead of time to ensure that tickets are sold unimpeded online and offline. Epidemic prevention and control is in place. For front-line workers, all operational vehicles equipped with protective equipment, special knowledge training on epidemic prevention. Each passenger station has set up observation rooms, equipped with more than 100 handheld thermometers in the entry and exit, waiting rooms, and reporting rooms, etc. 6 infrared thermal imager thermometers are installed at Sinpo motor terminus, Ganyan bus station and Ganyu bus station. Registration of passengers' real name system is carried out, and isolation areas are arranged inside the carriage, disinfection is performed once per shift. All offices, waiting rooms and other places are regularly ventilated to ensure that the measures are fine and strict. Passenger travel is in place. In conjunction with the public security department, a joint letter was issued to "post holiday travel personnel" to carry out epidemic prevention and control "eight guarantees", "inspection, control, guidance and guidance" work method, make epidemic prevention and control guidance manual, film passenger travel guide video, and do a good job of passenger travel guidance. Design and develop the car charter business applet, and launch customized services such as "point to point", "one school, one car", "booking an automobile" and so on.

Jiangsu Hai Jian: "grid management, platform support" to do well in staff management and control. Hai Jian company entered the war epidemic situation for the first time, sent a letter to the staff and workers to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control work. In the 5 sub companies and 11 departments, we should adopt the grid management mode to clarify the management responsibilities. For the 393 in-service employees, we used the new China University management software to develop a registration form for the health status and movement of workers during the epidemic prevention and control in Jiangsu Hai Jian company. Every employee joined the system two times a day to fill in his body temperature, in and out of the situation and the health status of himself and his relatives, so as to realize the dynamic and timely grasp of the employees and to check at any time. The responsible person is responsible for investigating and verifying the information, and signing the employee's health status daily form to confirm who manages and who is responsible. At the same time, we must strictly manage the certificate of work and fully grasp the family address and the community situation of the workers, and deal with the community at the first time in special circumstances, so as to firmly grasp the initiative of epidemic prevention and control.

Bus group: strengthen customized bus service to ensure enterprises resume work and resume production. In order to ensure the demand for driving back to work and resume production, the bus group has the advantages of adequate transportation capacity and diversified vehicle types on the basis of guaranteeing B1 line, 31 Road, 3 Road, 23 road, 37 road and BRT loop line, and provides the customized bus service of "point to point, door to door and one stop" for enterprises to resume work and resume production. The customized bus opens customized buses according to the time, place, number and route provided by the customized units, and provides customized bus service for the three shifts and 24 hours according to the agreed time with the enterprise. At the same time, strict implementation of the provincial traffic control and control group "epidemic prevention and control of traffic control points on-site control points" related requirements, the customized shuttle bus one trip disinfection, one ventilation, all passengers on the car temperature, wearing masks, vehicles according to the actual load rate of 60% to control the number of passengers. At present, 15 custom lines have been put into operation, and about 74 vehicles are put into the vehicle every day. At present, there are about 2200 employees in the daily average.

Steam service company: strengthen taxi service control to ensure public travel. In order to actively serve the resumption of resumption of work and increase passenger flow, the steam and clothing companies strengthen dispatching, increase transport capacity, strengthen taxi epidemic prevention services, and ensure public safety and convenient travel. Implementation of the taxi epidemic control and control "five step" work method, namely prevention and control command system, scientific prevention two deployment, information publicity three in a timely manner, epidemic prevention and control four in place, found that the epidemic is five early, strengthen the taxi epidemic prevention and control systematic management. We should focus on the publicity, guidance and grid management of taxi drivers, and send a letter to all drivers through the Taxi Association platform to enhance epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, the company assembled more than 70 party members and cadres and activists to join the party to form the war "epidemic" and "party members vanguard". The uniform wore the "Party member vanguard" armband. Every day, they insisted on 7 taxi main stops at Suxin express station, automobile south station, Sinpo automobile terminus, high-speed rail station and Xu Gou Railway Station, and publicize the epidemic prevention and control knowledge to more than 1700 taxi drivers (including Deputy drivers). We should do a good job in disinfection, killing and other services of taxi.

Logistics Group: "three" management to do well in the prevention and control of all workers' epidemic situation. We should take full responsibility for prevention and control. We signed 334 letters of responsibility for epidemic prevention and control with 7 ownership units, 3 business units and 6 departments and offices, and sent a letter to all staff members to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control work. Carry out management supervision and urge grid. Take units and departments as the unit, divide all the workers into 50 grids, define the grid administrator, and collect information on daily travel, contact and health status of employees daily, and report to the logistics group safety supervision department two times a day, so as to ensure that workers' homeownership is in good condition. Implementing dynamic tracking informatization. Grid administrators use WeChat platform every day to take measures such as irregular video calls or share real-time location to verify the information of employees at home and effectively grasp the dynamic management of personnel.

Cross training company: launch a new online registration mode. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, the company made full use of its initiative, adhering to the idea of "willing to suffer all kinds of hardships, not allowing students to be temporarily difficult", and actively expanding the "home economy", overcoming the epidemic impact and grabbing the market of driving training. Since February 5th, the online registration channel has been fully opened. Develop a registration system for driving training, use the "traffic driving school" WeChat public number, develop the registration system for driving training online, and introduce online registration preferential measures to enhance and mobilize the convenience and enthusiasm of student registration. On the Internet, we will register and publicize the information, mobilize all the staff and students to forward in the circle of friends, expand the coverage of online registration, and enhance the awareness rate and participation rate. We should timely follow up the online registration, and complete formal procedures for formal training after resuming work.

Feng Da: Based on "strict, detailed and real", we should do a good job in the resumption of work during epidemic prevention and control. Feng Da company strictly implements epidemic prevention and control measures and completes preparations before resuming work. Personnel management and control work strictly. Early scheduling to grasp the health of employees, phased and orderly organized comprehensive return to work, with the idea of "prevention and control to people, frequent to the day, control the activity track", implement the "one person, one file" registration system, strengthen staff post class activity management, guide staff not to gather, do not gather together, go out less, so as to achieve real-time control of employee activity dynamics, prevent leakage and control. Emergency management should be carried out. We should also do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and production safety work, formulate detailed work plans, provide adequate prevention and control materials, strengthen emergency rescue team building, and establish "four working groups" (on-site rescue team, logistics support group, aftermath treatment team, accident investigation team), formulate emergency response plan, and enhance epidemic prevention and emergency response capability. Project planning is solid. Seriously combing key projects, innovative projects, reverse the construction period, grab nodes, the development of the eastern two types of work area, 2000 type asphalt mixing station, Lianyungang service area and other project decomposition plan schedule, level compaction, responsibility to people, arrange the progress of each project tasks, ensure the completion of the annual objectives and tasks.

Ming Mao company: focus on "continuous production line" to do epidemic prevention and control work well. Ming Mao company insists on grasping the epidemic prevention and control at the same time. Propaganda and guidance of grounding gas. By posting posters and publicity slogans, we will strengthen the prevention and control atmosphere of the epidemic. We will publicize the policy requirements and control knowledge of the epidemic prevention and control through strengthening the staff's awareness of prevention and control by issuing "a letter to all staff members", making epidemic prevention Allegro, and even holding small videos and organizing video training. Prevention and control measures are refined. Formulate detailed rules for epidemic prevention and control of front-line employees, strictly implement the system of "daily investigation, daily monitoring and daily reporting", such as physical and contact conditions of all workers, implement daily kill and kill three times in charging guns and offices, strengthen the epidemic prevention and control and safety supervision at the first line charging station, and push all the prevention and control measures into effect. Production and operation line. In line with the principle of "continuous work, order, chaos and high efficiency", we make full use of remote office, remote collaboration, telephone and video to promote production and operation. On the basis of guaranteeing the normal operation of 5 charging stations, we have dispatched capable force to do duty duty on the other 14 charging stations to ensure the normal operation of the charging equipment and to stand ready to resume work at any time.

Citizen card company: "my Lianyungang" APP helps to prevent and control the city's epidemic situation. During the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control period, the citizen card company played the advantage of "my Lianyungang" APP platform, with a more professional and considerate service to help the city win the epidemic prevention and control. Convenient services are more comprehensive. "My Lianyungang" APP, with the concept of "service not meeting and working more convenient", has fully opened online enquiries for 340 businesses and 1600 applications, such as provident fund and social security. Epidemic prevention and control is more professional: The new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control column is set up, and the functions of "self testing, peer search, epidemic rumor, clue reporting, drugstore enquiry, outpatient appointment" are launched. The online health registration function should be added to support the management of patrol and traffic departments, so as to speed up the efficiency of inspection and provide a healthy "green channel" for returning to the masses. Convenient service is more intimate: In order to alleviate the problem of buying masks, the online mask masked function has been combined with several medical institutions to put masks on the public price.