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Urban Construction Holding Group: ensure urban lighting and ensure safe travel.

Release time: 2020-03-06 Source:X电竞 X电竞 Development Group Number of readings: 1390

During the epidemic period, our city experienced continuous rain and snow cooling, and the normal operation of street lamps was affected to varying degrees. In view of the fact that rainwater is easy to immerse street lamp cables and cause grounding, short circuit and other failures, the service member of the urban construction holding Star Lighting Company veterans' home service team immediately launched the emergency plan, which is based on the comprehensive protection of patrol personnel 'epidemic situation. The city street lamps, landscape lights and other lighting facilities were thoroughly investigated and repaired, so that the fight against epidemic situation and street lamp maintenance were two.

On the evening of February 6th, the scene of the cable fault of the Huayuan Road street lamp line and the lamppost of the Shaanxi steam service station at the 323 provincial road of the late Gang Kong farm in February 16th were broken down. All the members of the service team of the Veterans' family appeared. They fought day and night to deal with all kinds of malfunctions and repair, ensure the normal operation of the urban lighting, and ensure the safety of the public. As of March 1st, there were 16 alarm systems for line fault detection and repair, such as happy road, seaside Avenue, Xinniu highway and so on. There were 55 problems in dealing with 12345 platforms, and the disposal rate was 100%.

The service teams of the Veterans' home party members are divided into districts and around the clock. They insist on 24 hours' day work and 24 hours' preparation. 3 patrol teams are arranged daily for emergency repair of urban primary and secondary roads and community street lights, street lamp cable joints loosening, external equipment damage, equipment and facilities aging and damage.

In the special period of epidemic prevention and control, as the guardian of urban lighting, the service members of the family members of the retired veterans of Star lighting are not only responsible and responsible, but also the light of life to win the battle. As soon as spring blossoms, the service members of the star lighting veterans' home will continue to protect the city lighting, and the victory must belong to us.