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Revitalization Mansion: donated materials help boost community prevention

Release time: 2020-02-26 Source:X电竞 X电竞 Development Group Number of readings: 1441

Two month Twenty-six On the morning of the morning, the Party branch of Zhenxing mansion donated a number of epidemic prevention and control materials to the dragon tail community.  

During the new crown prevention and control, the building branch will build a community. - The dragon tail community is fighting against the epidemic line, guarding the safety of one side. The Party branch of the building encourages the majority of Party members and cadres to participate in the community voluntary service at the same time, donating a special party membership fee for the purchase of alcohol. Eighty-four Disinfectant, hand soap, disposable gloves, milk, snack noodles and other materials. Since the launch of the initiative, members of the party have responded, including non party members, mobile party members and Party members who are on duty.  

There is no love for the virus. The members of the revitalization building send warmth to the community staff with practical action, while helping the community to do epidemic prevention and control work, play the role of the party's fighting fortress and the exemplary vanguard role of the party members, and set up a safety barrier for the life and health of the community people, helping the dragon tail community win the epidemic prevention and control Sniper War.