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Qingkou Yantian jade is awarded the National Certificate of organic transformation certificate.

Release time: 2019-11-26 Source:X电竞 X电竞 Development Group Number of readings: 3087

In the morning of November 25th, the "Nan Jing 9108" organic rice planted by Qingkou investment company was strictly tested and audited. It was awarded the certificate of organic transformation certificate issued by Beijing Zhong An quality certification center.

It is understood that bio organic agriculture is a production system that can maintain soil, ecosystem and human health. It is a combination of traditional agriculture, innovative thinking and science and technology, and is the development direction of modern agriculture in the future. In order to realize the healthy and sustainable development of the rice sales industry, Qingkou company actively guided the organic agriculture principle to create an organic brand. At the beginning of the year, in cooperation with biotechnology companies, the company used the "Nan Jing 9108" rice seed to actively carry out the trial planting of organic rice seeds, and ensured the quality of the rice seeds from the source. In the process of planting, the whole process from raising seedlings to planting in the field adopts biological ingredients to carry out fertilization, integrated pest management and prevention, and artificial weeding operations, so as to avoid any chemical residues in the process of planting and ensure the quality of rice. The yield of the first experiment reached 1234 Jin. At present, the bio organic rice planted by the company has the advantages of high price, good taste, rich nutrition, safety and health, and is well recognized by consumers.

Next, the company will seriously formulate standards and standards for organic rice planting, sum up experience and practices, continuously enhance the brand influence and market competitiveness of Yantian jade, and achieve high-quality breakthroughs for the company. Development inject new vitality.