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Kazakhstan to Lianyungang ferrochrome finished 11000th TEUs

Release time: 2019-11-21 Source:X电竞 X电竞 Development Group Number of readings: 2796

On the morning of November 21st, a total of 2300 tons of ferrochrome were exported to China and Japan in the 86 crossing of China's export to Japan and South Korea. The ferrochrome has arrived at the Sino Kazakhstan logistics cooperation base in Kazakhstan. The transit transport is also the 11000th standard ferrochrome alloy from Kazakhstan to Lianyungang, indicating that the international structure of Lianyungang international trains in Lianyungang has been stable and the organization and shipment of the freight sources have been effectively maintained.

It is understood that the main types of ferrochrome alloy haulage East transportation, from 2009 to date, the total volume of the total shipment to Lianyungang has reached 3 million 500 thousand tons, since the completion of the Sino Kazakhstan logistics cooperation base, the volume of ferrochromium alloy is increasing year by year, nearly three years of transport volume of nearly 400 thousand tons, in 2019, it is expected to complete the transport volume of more than 400 thousand tons, accounting for nearly 8 of the total volume of the East China Central Bank. 5%.

It is reported that Kazakhstan ferrochrome carrier co operative Yun Kang company belongs to ERG, one of the largest mining and Metallurgical Group in the world. Yun Kang company carries more than 58 million tons of freight every year, accounting for 18-20% of the total traffic volume of the Kazakh railway network. The company has a history of nearly ten years of cooperation with the port of Lianyungang. The two sides have established a good cooperative relationship. With the gradual increase of the ferrochrome ferroelectric ferroalloy in Lianyungang port, the port will further enhance the transportation balance on the basis of the re transportation of the East and West Transportation and the two-way convection, and ultimately achieve the upgrading and efficiency of the international class trains.