Industry dynamics

The supply of meat and vegetables has improved, and the three quarter of the farm market has been running smoothly.

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On the morning of October 17th, at the regular press conference held by the Information Office of the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs, the reporter was informed that in the three quarter, the supply of agricultural products in China was relatively abundant, and the market was running smoothly. The consumption of Mid Autumn Festival and national day consumption was effectively guaranteed. At the press conference, Tang Ke, director of the Ministry of agriculture and rural marketing and information technology, and Yang Zhenhai, director of the animal husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs, introduced the market operation of the key agricultural products in the three quarter and the situation of pig production in China in the first quarter, and answered questions from reporters at the scene.

According to reports, the three quarter of vegetables and fruit prices fell at a high level, the supply of livestock and aquatic products is adequate, and food prices are basically stable. "Wholesale price of agricultural products 200 index" was 111.67, a decrease of 1.74 points, up 9.48 points compared to the same period. The 200 index of vegetable basket is 113.21, a decrease of 1.95 points, up 10.88 points higher than that of the previous year. The decline in price index was mainly driven by the drop in prices of vegetables and fruits. The increase was mainly affected by the year-on-year price rise of livestock products.  


   The situation of pig production has gradually improved, and the supply of livestock and aquatic products is adequate.

At the press conference, pig production protection and market operation remained a hot topic of concern. In the three quarter, prices of livestock products, especially pork prices, continued to rise. The fluctuation of pig price reflects the change of pork supply and demand. Since September, with the promotion of pig production capacity and the intensive policy of market supply, the tense situation of pork supply has eased somewhat, and the price increase before the National Day falls. According to the Ministry of agriculture and the Ministry of agriculture, the weekly prices of pig and pork markets rose from 5% and 6.3% in the first week to 1.6% and 1% in the fourth week, respectively. The wholesale price of pork rose from 0.2% to 5.1% in fourth weeks.

Tang Ke introduced that during the National Day holiday, the supply of pork market was tight but there was no break down. After the national day, the price of pigs increased rapidly, mainly due to the decline of pig production in the early stage, the increase of sows in some farms, and the increase in storage and purchase in various places, resulting in a phased decrease in the number of commodity pigs and a tight market supply. The supply of poultry, beef, mutton, eggs and aquatic products is relatively adequate, and to a certain extent, alleviate the pressure of rising pig prices.

In addition, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to pig production and supply. Since August, a number of arrangements have been made since the beginning of the year. The relevant departments have promulgated 17 policies and measures to support production, and have identified a series of policies in the areas of finance, finance, land use, delineation and management of standardized forbidden zones, green corridors, and prizes for pig production. All localities and departments are taking vigorous action to carry out policies and measures to restore and develop pig production, and strive to promote the resumption and development of pig production. At present, the situation of African swine plague is stabilizing, the effects of relevant policies and measures are beginning to show, and the positive factors of pig production recovery are increasing, and the situation is gradually improving.

Yang Zhenhai further explained that the comprehensive pig farms and the situation of narrowing of the sow population were narrowed obviously, the scale pig farm production decreased from the down to the next, the pig feed output declined and the pig sales volume continued to increase significantly. According to this trend, the production capacity of raw pigs is expected to rise before the end of the year, and the market supply will gradually increase. Next year, it is expected to basically return to normal levels. But pork supply is still tight in the short term. Pork prices will remain high before New Year's day and Spring Festival. However, with the gradual stock of frozen meat and the supply of livestock products such as poultry, the supply of animal products is generally guaranteed.


Vegetable and fruit prices fall, and middle and low end fruit products should be strengthened.

In the first half of this year, the price of fruits and vegetables remained high, causing widespread concern in the community. In the three quarter, with the continuous improvement of supply, fruit and vegetable prices began to fall. Especially since April, vegetable prices have been running high. With the autumn vegetables coming on the market gradually, the seasonal decline began in September. The average wholesale price of the 28 vegetables monitored by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas was 3.92 yuan / kg, down 4.9%, down 9.3% from the same period last year, 1.8% lower than the average in the three years.

Tang Ke explained that this situation is mainly due to the improvement of the market supply situation. In the first half of the year, vegetable prices continued to be high, and the main production areas of summer and autumn vegetables had different levels of expansion. This summer, the cold weather in the northern part of the vegetable weather is generally favorable. There is no extreme high temperature and long time heavy rainfall like last year. Although some areas are affected by adverse weather, the prices of some varieties fluctuate in a short time. However, from the total output of vegetables in the main producing areas, the market supply situation is obviously better than that of the same period last year. In autumn, the supply of vegetables is adequate and prices are falling rapidly. It is expected that the latter period of vegetable prices may be prolonged. However, the fluctuation of vegetable prices is in line with the seasonal regularity. The next step is to pay close attention to the adverse weather effects on the conversion of the producing areas, and to prevent the regional structural fluctuations of vegetable prices.

This year, fruit prices have seen the obvious characteristics of "before and after". In the first half of the year, the main production areas were affected by "late spring chill", and apple and pear production decreased more frequently. The supply of fruit market was tight and prices continued to rise. Since July, with the advent of a large number of fruits such as melon and other seasonal fruits in summer, prices have begun to fall. The number of grapes and apples has increased and prices have continued to fall. According to the Ministry of agriculture and rural monitoring, the average price of the 6 Wholesale fruits in September was 5.86 yuan / kg, down 10.5%, up 13.1% from the same period last year. It is expected that fruit prices will continue to fall with the late ripening of Fuji apples and citrus fruits, and prices are expected to be lower than the same period last year.

Tang Ke suggested that this year, the fruit quality differentiation and price differentiation are more prominent. There is a certain pressure on sales of low-end fruit products. All localities should pay attention to strengthening production and marketing docking and brand marketing, and promoting balanced fruit listing and fruit growers' income increase.   


  Autumn grain is growing well and grain prices are basically stable.

At present, the price of wheat and early indica rice has been basically stable at the lowest purchase price since the end of the acquisition season. The purchase price of state grain enterprises in the main producing areas is stable at about 112 yuan and 119 yuan per catty, which has declined slightly. As of September 30th, various grain enterprises in the main producing areas had accumulated 70 million 762 thousand tons of wheat, an increase of 41% over the same period last year, and a total purchase of 5 million 999 thousand tons of early indica rice, a decrease of 23% over the same period last year. Early maturing corn began to go on sale in some parts of the country, but the price fell somewhat, but it was still higher than the same period last year. It is generally in the normal season. The price of corn market will stabilize gradually after the short term fall, and the possibility of large fluctuation is unlikely. This summer grain production will increase. Most of the autumn grain will grow well. If there is no natural disaster in the late stage, this year will usher in a bumper harvest year.

Tang Ke said that this year wheat production increased, quality was good, output reached 131 million 60 thousand tons, an increase of 2 million 670 thousand tons compared with 2018, an increase of 2.1%. Market supply of grain is adequate, buying and selling transactions are active, prices fluctuate slightly under the support of the minimum purchase price policy, the purchase price goes up and down, and in the later stage, the price of the wheat market is stabilized. Because of the high quality of wheat this year, to some extent, the quality wheat has been replaced by some good quality wheat. The price difference between quality wheat and common wheat has been narrowed, but the pattern of "high quality and high price" has not changed. In addition, the total purchase volume of wheat was higher than that of last year, and the minimum purchase price increased. From the late trend, wheat consumption has entered the peak season, but considering the end of the lowest purchase price, the wheat auction will restart and the market will be abundant. The market price is expected to be stable and weak. The possibility of large fluctuations is unlikely.

After the new corn was listed, the purchase price of corn in some areas continued to fall, attracting market attention. According to the Ministry of agriculture and rural operation, new corn and early maturing New Maize in Northeast China have been listed since late September, but prices have dropped, but the price level is still higher than the same period last year. From the late trend, corn production is generally better this year, and output is expected to remain stable. With the gradual resumption of pig production capacity and the increase in feed consumption, it is expected that the supply and demand of maize will remain basically stable in China. The price of corn will gradually stabilize after a short period of decline, and the possibility of large fluctuations will not be great enough to remind farmers to choose grain for sale and achieve high yield and good harvest.