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The recovery rate of agricultural film in Hebei is 75%.

Release time: 2019-10-18 Source:X电竞 X电竞 Development Group Number of readings: 3505

Recently, Hebei agricultural environmental protection monitoring station was informed that in order to effectively control the "white pollution" of the residual plastic film, clean up the ecological environment and improve the soil fertility, Hebei province will strive to achieve 75% of the total agricultural film recycling rate this year by strengthening source control, promoting reduction and increasing efficiency, and strengthening pilot demonstration.

The provincial agricultural and rural office has set up a provincial leading group for agricultural film recycling and issued the work plan for recycling agricultural film. According to the work idea of "source control, process control and terminal treatment", the key measures for agricultural film management were formulated. At the source of prevention and control, we should strengthen the publicity and implementation of the newly promulgated plastic film production standards, and speed up the popularization of new standard film and improve the recyclability of plastic film in conjunction with relevant agricultural projects. We will promote non-standard plastic films to be included in the list of farm produce counterfeiting and actively cooperate with the market supervision departments to carry out law enforcement and control and reduce "white pollution" from the source.

At the same time, strengthen pilot demonstration. Combined with dry farming projects, Hebei province popularized 0.01 millimeter standard plastic film in the project area of Zhangjiakou and Chengde last year, and promoted the recovery and utilization of residual film in the project area. In the 24 counties (cities and districts) where the use of plastic film is large and the pollution problem is prominent, the demonstration project of agricultural cleaner production of plastic film science has been implemented. The construction of 24 recycled waste processing enterprises and a batch of recycling outlets has been built. The processing capacity of waste plastic film enterprises has reached 22 thousand and 900 tons, covering 5 million 400 thousand acres of recycling area. In Zhangjiakou Wanquan District, Qinhuangdao Lulong County, Handan Yongnian district and Cangzhou Wuqiao County, 4 standard zones for scientific use and recycling of plastic film were constructed, and the green subsidy mechanism for plastic film recycling was explored. The recycling mechanism of old plastic film was replaced by 9000 mu of standard plastic film, which raised the enthusiasm of farmers and operators to recover residual plastic film. The key counties (cities and districts) of plastic film use in this province will continue to combine local practices and actively carry out pilot demonstration of agricultural film recycling and utilization, so as to promote the use of standard plastic film, speed up the construction of specialized recycling network, and carry out comprehensive utilization of waste plastic film.