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Hubei highlights the "four in place" and resolutely tackles the tough battle of agricultural drought resistance and production protection.

Release time: 2019-10-18 Source:X电竞 X电竞 Development Group Number of readings: 3998

Since July this year, most parts of Hubei have low rainfall and high temperature. The number of high temperature days in the central and eastern regions has been up to 35-48 days, and the drought has developed rapidly. The Hubei provincial Party committee and the provincial government attach great importance to the initiative of the agricultural and rural departments at all levels, take the initiative to fight against the drought and resist the long drought, and highlight the "four in place" and resolutely fight the battle against agricultural drought and production. In the middle and October of October, many rainfall events occurred in Hubei, and the drought eased. As of October 18th, the drought area in the province was about 1400000 mu, which was about 12700000 Mu less than the heaviest drought.

The work is in place. Hubei Province, based on flood prevention, drought resistance, great danger and disaster relief, will play a leading role in fighting against floods and fighting hard floods. We should vigorously promote the implementation of work responsibilities and promote the landing of technical measures.

Science and disaster resistance are in place. Agriculture, rural areas, meteorology, water conservancy, emergency management and other multi departments linkage, actively carry out drought resistance consultation, issued drought consultation consultation more than 70 times. We should strengthen information scheduling, launch a 24 hour emergency duty and disaster information daily system, release early warning information in a timely manner, and focus on implementing measures such as rush to collect, seize and manage, rush to snatch and seize. To join forces to fight drought, the province has invested 167 thousand sets of drought resistant equipment, opened 12 thousand pumping stations, and pumped 23 thousand and 400 wells, and irrigated 18 million 800 thousand mu.

Technical services are in place. It also issued technical advice on disaster prevention and mitigation such as planting, animal husbandry, aquatic products and agricultural machinery. More than 30 working groups were sent to guide grass-roots research and drought relief work and help solve practical difficulties. We should guide farmers to calculate economic accounts, crop accounts and benefit accounts, and timely replant crops for short growing period. We should pay attention to post disaster reduction and give full play to the role of agricultural insurance. More than 50 households of rice growers in Luotian County of Huanggang city have completed a settlement of about 300000 yuan, and the Chinese herbal medicine production base and enterprises have completed a settlement of about 1400000 yuan.

Autumn sowing is in place. 8 in mid and late June, the Hubei provincial agriculture and rural department held a working conference on drought prevention, pest control and autumn harvest to promote autumn sowing. The guiding opinions on autumn and winter sowing production are put forward. Based on the autumn autumn sowing techniques, the autumn autumn sowing technology, the mechanical autumn sowing and the green autumn sowing, we will strive to achieve steady grain expansion, layout optimization, quality improvement and efficiency enhancement. Recently, a large scale rainfall process occurred in Hubei Province, and agricultural and rural departments at all levels seized the favorable opportunity of rainfall to quickly sow the soil and sow seeds. As of October 17th, the province's autumn sowing rapeseed has completed over 6 of the planned area.