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Ministry of agriculture and rural areas to deploy pig farm production equipment subsidies

Release time: 2019-10-20 Source:X电竞 X电竞 Development Group Number of readings: 3477

The Ministry of agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the notice on increasing the purchase subsidy for agricultural machinery to support the development of pig production. It has made arrangements for optimizing the purchase scope of agricultural machinery, supporting automatic feeding, environmental control, epidemic prevention and control, waste disposal and other agricultural equipment.

The notice requires that we should optimize the scope of subsidies and implement the subsidy. All the machinery and equipment that are suitable for pig production in the range of the categories of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy shall be included in the subsidy scope of the province. The pig farms (households) apply for subsidies to give priority to and optimize services. We should intensify policy propaganda and technical training, guide agricultural machinery enterprises to actively participate in the implementation of policies, and support the purchase of machinery by large farms. Two, we should speed up the identification of experiments and increase the supply of machines and tools. It is to guide the appraisal institutions of agricultural machinery to open the appraisal application within the scope of their ability to accept, and to give equal recognition to the agricultural machinery enterprises inside and outside the province, speed up the test and appraisal, and publish the results in a timely manner. Actively support the agricultural machinery appraisal institutions to improve the inspection and testing conditions and enhance the ability to test and identify. Ministry of agriculture and rural identification of agricultural machinery general station, agricultural extension station will strengthen the coordination of guidance work in various areas. Three, we must thoroughly investigate and thoroughly sort out the demand. To carry out the special investigation of the demand for subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment for pig production, we need to listen to the grassroots opinions and suggestions, and provide first-hand materials to further increase the subsidy for the purchase of agricultural machinery and support the development of pig production.

It is reported that the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas and the Ministry of finance have made arrangements for subsidies for the utilization of agricultural and poultry manure resources and the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment. 4 organic waste aerobic fermentation fermentor, livestock and poultry feces fermentation processor, organic fertilizer processing equipment, organic waste dry anaerobic fermentation device and so on are used as resource items for livestock and poultry manure utilization.