Lianyungang X电竞 Development Group Co., Ltd.

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City X电竞 Development Group is a large state-owned enterprise in Lianyungang with registered capital. Fifty Billion yuan, owns two or three sub sub (holding) Company Thirty Home workers One thousand and two hundred Remaining people, credit by main body AA+ It is the Lianyungang municipal government's integration of the original revitalization group assets and the municipal agriculture related assets. Two thousand and fifteen year Ten A new state-owned entity enterprise was established in June. The main businesses include flowers, Huai pigs, seed industry, e-commerce, agricultural hair gold clothing, agricultural trade logistics and so on. The group has won the national demonstration and extension base for introducing foreign intelligence achievements, the national agricultural science and technology demonstration park, the national agricultural science popularization demonstration base, the national agricultural tourism demonstration spot, and the whole country. " Ankang cup " Competition winning units, National " Abide by contracts and credit " Enterprise and so on.

Guiding ideology of group development: Under the leadership of the municipal Party committee and municipal government " Strive for stability and prosperity, seek good results quickly, and achieve quick results. " Development ideas and persistence " The industry is established, the brand is established, and the talents are strong. " Developing strategy, strengthening and strengthening core industries to achieve the transformation and leap forward development of the group. " New agricultural development "

Flower plate is the leading brand of bottle seedling production and marketing in China. It has always been in the leading position in the industry. One The national high and new technology enterprise is one of the top ten flower and tree planting enterprises in China, the largest supplier of Phalaenopsis seedlings and bulbs in China. Twenty Remaining provinces and municipalities directly under the central government. Two thousand and thirteen In October, Phalaenopsis hybridized with fruit pod. ' God ten " God created the first space breeding program for Phalaenopsis in China. Two thousand and sixteen year Eleven In October, the butterfly orchid cut flowers were officially put into the Japanese market, marking a major breakthrough in the development of high-end flower overseas market in our city. At present, it has the conditions and abilities to export to Europe and America.

Huai pig plate is a world-class high quality high-end brand. Now formed " Promoting development through brand protection, enhancing efficiency by brand, and setting up market by quality. " The integrated development mode of self breeding, self breeding and self-supporting has developed into the core business of the group. The East China pig breeding farm has won the highest honor of the world's animal welfare five star golden pig award, the state-level Huai pig breeding farm and the state-level Huai pig breeding standardization demonstration area. Huai pig is a famous local pig breed in China. It has been selected as a national conservation list of livestock and poultry resources. " National geographical indications protection products " Nuisance free agricultural products in China " National green food " Famous brand agricultural products in Jiangsu "

The seed plate is the largest seed breeding center in the city. We have integrated facilities for R & D, processing, storage and marketing to provide safe and reliable high-quality seeds for farmers. Middle-season rice One No., Lian Mai Seven They were approved by the national and Jiangsu crop varieties respectively.

Electronic commerce is a trading platform of characteristic agricultural products at the municipal level. As an independent vertical agricultural e-commerce operator, has opened a number of network outlets, and with Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong and other network brands to reach a cooperation intention, effectively build the city's largest special and excellent agricultural products information platform and sales platform.

X电竞 hair gold clothing is the first municipal investment and financing platform for modern agriculture in the province. Successfully launched " Hui Nan Bao " Even farm loans " And other special products, expand direct financing channels, meet the diversified financing needs of customers, and help to stimulate entrepreneurship and increase income of small and medium-sized enterprises involved in agriculture.

X电竞 logistics is the basic network for building a large agricultural pattern. Close to downtown Seven Wan's agricultural products logistics exchange center and several community life squares carry people. " Vegetable basket " and " Fruit plate " The important mission of the project has formed the modern agricultural circulation service industrial chain, providing support for the group to develop fresh agricultural products and to move towards the national market.

" The 13th Five-year " During the period, the agricultural development group established itself as a foothold. " Agriculture, countryside and farmers " And service " Agriculture, countryside and farmers " For the purpose, actively integrate into the city " The Belt and Road Initiative " The construction of the agricultural international demonstration area, relying on the regional advantageous agricultural projects and the characteristic agricultural resources, will further promote the three major development strategies, namely, the establishment of enterprises, the promotion of brands, and the strengthening of talents. "6+1" Business sector, strong build " Big Shannon " Brand, bigger and stronger fist products, forming an agricultural industry investment holding enterprise with prominent main industry, complete industrial chain, clear main and auxiliary level, and strong market competitiveness, has developed into the forefront of the province, a well-known modern agricultural industry group and a state-level agricultural key leading enterprise, and actively driving farmers to start businesses, increase incomes and become rich.